"Webmistress" Diane Shreve is a twenty-eight-year-old woman who currently resides in the sunny suburbia of Tempe, Arizona.  She is the one who runs and maintains this website on behalf of Doug Jones.  She has been appreciative of Doug’s works and talents for a handful of years, though she most admires his down-to-earth, genuine, loving personality.  Originally Diane became acquainted with Doug back in July of 2014 at a fantastic convention called "FantasyCon".  Since then she has grown to be one of Doug's many, many friends and 'puppies'.  Diane's favorite things about Doug are his warm and healing hugs, his adorable 'face cups', his open and consoling nature, and his ability to put up with her crazy rambling.  Diane is extremely grateful for her relationship with Doug as she feels that he is the very definition of kindness, and hopes that their friendship continues for many years onward.

Diane has been constructing and maintaining websites for approximately fifteen years.  It began as a hobby that eventually grew into a part-time profession.  Diane has worked on numerous professional freelance projects over the years.  She also attended university to further study design and online multimedia.  Diane graduated as valedictorian of Arizona State University in May of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Information Technology.

In her spare time, aside from working on websites, Diane loves doting upon her three cats, writing, watching a variety of television series, playing games, and playing taiko.  While she is perfectly complacent to spend time at home, she would rather be out with friends enjoying their company.  She also adores going to the movies, attending conventions, and watching live comedy performances.  Diane is passionate about comedy, costuming, and entertaining, and hopes to one day be a published author and filmmaker.